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Jason Robert Brown’s masterful writing chapters the relationship of Cathy and Jamie over five years in an episodic, musical masterpiece. As a composer, he is ever so literate and passionate. Events in this love story do not unfold in a linear progression of time: Jamie’s story is told from first kiss to last goodbye, while Cathy’s journey starts with the wreckage of the breakup and ends with that first kiss. JRB takes the threads of love and runs them in opposite directions, giving audiences the opportunity to see this relationship unfold one stitch at a time.

In crafting the story in this unconventional way, JRB brings light to the many moments of connection that could be – while fostering a raw story of disconnection, heartbreak and loss. We witness each of the characters’ story lines separately – an effort by the composer so that we as viewers don’t place blame on any one character for the demise of the relationship.

This love story sets the backdrop to a much deeper plot, which is about two young artists in a big city who struggle to find their identity. Jamie and Cathy are aching to find how they can artistically contribute to the world…and then they find each other. 

The lasting works in the theatrical canon are infused with love stories — and this is one of them.

Under the strict tempo of the ticking clock, these two characters sail past each other, like ships in the night. Rarely in the same place, at the same time. At the end of the evening, we are left with two perspectives, and the chill of a beautifully written score. 

Identity & photographs created in the winter of 2022 for the Calumet Players of Pipestone.

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